As I started to mention before, connections are critical to a career in music. And the best connections for me have turned out to be my ex-boss (who introduced me to my new boss at the jingle house), my mother’s chiropractor’s son (who hired me to write music for his websites), the intern (who introduced me to his drummer friend who now tours and records with me), my landlord (who introduced me to a friend who hosts private house concerts) . . . and my list goes on. I’ve learned to share unabashedly. The more people who know what I’m up to, the more people can help me get connected to my next “big gig”. And most times, people are overjoyed to be hearing about a young musician following her passion. It’s not like we’re talking about how great our 5’x5’ cubicle is…. we are out there doing it. And that is inspiring to people. So share away.

Following up on leads is a huge part of making and solidifying a potential connection. A phone call, lunch date, or email (that should include web links and professional looking signature) reminding the person I met through so-and-so is often enough to engage them in future conversations. I remind everyone who I am and what I am up to and what I am going for. It’s good to have an idea in your head of a brief way to convey your musical goal. (My recent one is: “I am working towards getting sponsorship for my fall UK tour while spending the summer performing around the Northeast and at private house parties. Do you know of anyone hosting a summer event that may be interested?”) And there… I got my two goals – getting sponsorship for my fall tour, and booking summer gigs- out in 2 polite sentences.