Perhaps this section should go first, but I rambled on about CDs and websites and made the assumption that anyone who considers him or herself in this music business is already ahead of this part, so I’ll be brief. The gist: make a great friggin’ record and make it (and anywhere you promote it) look cool. This may cost a little money up front, but it is well worth it- hire a graphic designer, a professional recording studio, and a good CD duplication place. I also hired a web designer who took the CD design and incorporated it into my website design, which I use as flyers for shows, posters, and other websites (like myspace). I am essentially branding myself, and consistency is key. My email signature and all paper I write on has my album logo on it. If you have a great product that is well presented, you are half way there. Distribution and exposure come after you have something to distribute and expose.