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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Own Crazy Ideas

Published in Discmaker’s Echoes Blog. “Outside the box” is a term that can be both very helpful and frustrating for so many musicians, myself included. I am constantly looking for “what else” when working at my career trying to sell more albums, gain new fans and be authentic, while at the same time being original and creative. I’ve come up
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Why Music Is Paramount For Filmmakers

Everyone has a relationship to music, whether they consider themselves music fans, musical prodigies, or tone deaf. You may remember a childhood lullaby, learning the piano, your wedding song, or the Folger’s jingle, or you may ride the subway every day, religiously listening to your iPod. You may use it to drown out noise at work or at home. This,
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The Art Of Internships

‘Tis the season for summer internships. This article is for anyone who is interested in hosting an intern (and that should be every working musician out there!) or anyone interested in being an intern, and how to make the most out of both experiences. “Internship” means to work, often without pay, at a trade or occupation in exchange for experience.
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Composing Studio

3 Minutes to 30 Seconds: How I Started Writing Music for Commercials

I get a lot of questions about how I became a jingle writer, and how it’s possible to have a career as a songwriter and a career as a composer. Everyone that writes for ads has a different story of how they landed into the world of writing a :30 film score. Here’s mine. To start, I have two up
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Musician Money

Shifting the Money Talk

Money. At times, just the mere thought of it (managing it, finding it, and keeping it) can bring out the worst in me. As a touring musician, a singer/songwriter and a freelance composer, I have struggled with my relationship to money and all the anxiety I let it breed in my life for quite a while. I decided that it
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Ditching The Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions. They’re created with the best of intentions. To do better. To be better. They hang over our heads, guilt us into temporary action, and, for 92% of Americans, they’re usually a distant memory by Valentine’s Day. These resolutions tend to be vague “goals”, or things we want, with no real measurable result. These are resolutions like like
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Making The Most of Making A Music Video

Music videos never seemed like something I should pursue. In fact, I thought they were for serious rockers, famous artists, or singers with money to burn. I never understood how they could translate into sales or revenue, and I certainly didn’t know how to come up with an idea that wasn’t a literal translation of my lyrics (ie, “all I
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Some Words on Writer’s Block

When I’d sit down at the piano to write, my worst fear would be that I couldn’t come up with anything. The few times I did experience what I thought was “writer’s block”, I would think “Oh My Gosh I will never write again!”, which turned into “Oh well, that was a nice creative run. Too bad it’s over, forever.”
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Piano Recording

Why We Never Fail

Here’s a heart-on-sleeve post for you guys. I was just writing an article that compares some out-of-the-box promotional ideas; the ones that were successes and the ones that were failures. The thing is, I couldn’t think of a single “failure”. And before you bite my head off, it’s not because I think I’m some huge success. It’s simple: We never
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But through plateau

Busting Through The Plateaus

As seen on Discmaker’s Echoes Blog. Every day I wake up and say “okay, what am I going to do today that will push my career forward?”. The worst feeling is when I can’t answer that question. I’m at a point where I feel like I’ve reached out to all of my contacts, tapped out my fans, and done everything
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