I’ve got a thing for the Grammy’s and the Grammy speech. If you’ve heard me speak or taken any of my courses, you know this. For now, take my word for it. (Also, I went this year for the first time as a voting member. Here’s my take on how it all works.)

I’ve written dozens of Grammy acceptance speeches in my head for the past 15 years. This is the first one I’m writing out. (It’ll change in a few weeks, don’t worry). Warning- it is more anger than fluff, more cliche than original, and more about making a point than thanking anyone. But that will change. Give it a few weeks.

This Week’s Grammy Speech

The Grammy Speech For The UnsupportiveThere’s only one man in my life who never shut me down, no matter what. That’s why, Dad, every note of this piece is for you. I miss you more than you know. To all the other men in my life who supported me, thank you. To the men who, at one point or another, did shut me down in your own subtle, or not-so-subtle way, then this award is in spite of you.

To the women who supported me: thank you. To the women who didn’t understand me, or who were threatened by me- I get it. You threw me under the bus because it’s SO HARD to get ahead in this industry as a woman. But we have got to stop doing that. To make it easier to be successful in the music industry, we have to raise each other up.

This award is evidence of fighting the real fight. And as cliche as it sounds, of dreaming big and never giving up. Thank you. And we can do better.