I’m on the Grammy’s ballot…

And now for the first time in my life, I’m reaching out and pitching my new record… not to my fans, not to music supervisors and film producers, but to my colleagues requesting they consider my music for a Grammy. Other Recording Academy members. Music producers, songwriters, labels.

I always wanted a Grammy. Up until I was 30, that was THE dream, and the only dream. And I knew it was a one-in-a-million kind of dream. All of my passwords were along the lines of “grammyorbust”. When I turned 30, lots of stuff shifted and I realized this industry and this career is a process and if I don’t enjoy it soon, it’s gonna kill me. So I let go of the Grammy dream and started being a real working musician, and loving it

Lo and behold, if you release enough records and do enough professional work, you can qualify to become a member of the Recording Academy and enter your newest record into the Grammy pool of music to be considered. Turns out that this year I made the cut and my new record “Inevitably” fills all the requirements.

It was always the work

What’s crazy is that no one needed to like my music. No one needed to even listen to it. I just needed to do the work to get it to this point. This is incredible to me.

I had been so focused on being liked and catering my songwriting to what I thought people wanted to hear, that I didn’t even see that getting here was 100% up to me, not other people. When I finally truly started writing for me (and that meant co-writing and sharing the experience with other songwriters), I used the writing process to come out at the other end of a song in a better place… to have worked through something in the process of writing the song.

And now, my one-in-a-million shot of winning a Grammy is actually, in reality, one-in-287. There are literally 287 others I’m competing against to get an official nomination.

That seems like a win to me already.

Here’s what I’m sending voters (click on the image to listen and purchase the record in iTunes!):

grammy ballot