This page is designed to save you a little time and hopefully a lot of trial and error. I’ve spent a lot of years trying out different companies for different services, in addition to creating some of my own musician-resources, and have landed with the following recommendations. I will keep adding to and updating this list, so check back often, and feel free to share with your friends. Also, please actively comment on these posts if you have any additional resources you’d like me to add. Thanks!!


MX4: The Marketing & branding, Money-making, Mentorship Mastermind
Transform your career in 6 weeks with this fun, highly effective online course. It’s getting rave reviews and tackles every major challenge you face in shifting your music career. Get clear on who you are and what your purpose is in this crazy industry, find your true fans, upgrade your branding to really compete, develop a marketing plan and create new streams of income. Sounds good, right? Sign up now for the next Mx4 or read more here. It’s kind of awesome.


One-On-One Coaching 
The most effective way to get results- have someone in your corner, providing direction and accountability! Click here to read more about coaching and choose a package that will work for you!


“In The Key Of Success: The 5 Week Jump Start Strategy” – E-course
Are you feeling stuck in your career, or trying to move to the next level and don’t know what that is or how to get there?E-Course Cover Not seeing the results you were hoping for? Feel like you’re busy but not actually effective? This E-course tackles all of these issues and more. Written FOR musicians, BY a musician, it’s a one-stop shopping solution for you to get motivated and get results, guaranteed. It’s a small investment that will get you the big career you’ve been dreaming of. It’s the only tool you need to jump start your career. Click here to dive in!


Vocal Recording: A Complete Guide

“Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide” is for anyone who is an artist looking to hone their engineering and recording skills. It’s for engineers who would like to improve on their studio techniques and developing a productive relationship with performing clients. It’s for anyVocal Recording singers who want to feel more comfortable in the studio. Lastly, it’s for anyone who is interested in capturing the true nature of the song they wrote and presenting it in the best light possible. Co-written and produced with Grammy-award winning engineer Enrico De Paoli. Hosted on  Check out the 50% off coupon link here!


17 Minute Video5 Secrets To Jump Start Your Career (17 Minute Video Training)
Get the 5 secrets to jump start your success in this concise 17 minute training video based on the popular e-course and live-seminar “In The Key Of Success: The 5 Week Jump Start Strategy”. You will get: A VERY clear statement about what your purpose is, new opportunities for yourself with WHAT YOU HAVE NOW, tools to communicate what you have to offer… and turn it into MONEY,  a timeline and accountability structure to keep the success train moving, and so much more, all in under 20 minutes!

Web Hosting
You need a webpage. Period, end of story. Make it easy with Bandzoogle and use this special link to get 3 free months!

CD duplication
You’ve finished your record now you need to duplicate your CD. Hit up Discmakers and tell them Cheryl B. Engelhardt referred you. I’ve tried a whole bunch of companies and their stuff always looks the best at the best prices, and they are super-responsive. Tip- go to Jersey and pick up your CDs yourself to save a few hundred bucks.

CD distribution
I love TuneCore for digital distribution and CDbaby for physical CD distribution.

Radio Promotion
Now you’ve got a CD and a webpage and you want to promote your new record. Call Tinderbox. Tell Jon Cheryl sent you.

Money + Success Training
Now you’re motivated to really figure out how to make a GOOD living, not just a survival living, doing what you love. Take this 3-day course, the Millionaire Mind Intensive, it’s a fantastic course on how you think about and deal with your money and success! Fill in Ambassador Reference Number = 730404!

Personal Development
To dive in to deeper questions, discover how to put your past where it belongs, experience miracles in your relationships, check out The Landmark Forum.

Motivational Must-Reads
Books I’ve read over and over that help get my through humps, open my mind, and kick me in the butt!