Last year, around this time, I was just moving into my new house. The second house I’ve lived in, the third abode with a home studio space. I wrote about this process of making design decisions here. And then I realized I was out of my league, energetically speaking, and hired my good friend Emma to help me optimize this new space.

You can read what I wrote about Clearing The Energy, and Why You Need An Emma here.

I lived with my home studio, set up by Emma, for almost a year. (And still included the original sound treatments I made myself, which I wrote about in 2010 – read here!)

And recently, my husband has been home a lot more. I mean, we share that workspace like it’s a real live workspace, minus the espresso machine.

And I felt like my work was getting absorbed by the other side of the room. Or watched. Or judged. (Which, of course, it wasn’t.)

So I started to look around the house and see where I could swap spaces… the guest room? The attic? The TV room?

Ugh, moving all the furniture, rewiring my studio, setting up again from scratch seemed so tiring.

I decided to be level-headed about this, rather than let my hear and moods and procrastination-tendancies lead the way.

Interviewing… myself

I asked myself: What was I not doing, due to the space, that I wanted to do more of? The answer? Recording more piano. My piano was sitting too high on my desk.

What else?

Well, I wasn’t writing as much in my notebook. Because the piano was taking up valuable desk space.

What else?

I was not utilizing the sliding barn door my husband and I put into place.

Then I asked myself what I loved about the space that I couldn’t get anywhere else in the house? That was easy- the sun, the Emma-approved desk configuration, the promixity to the kitchen. Yum.

Okay, it was settled. First thing I should do is try to move the piano.

I did. And then other things started to fall into place.

All it took was some patience, conscious self-reflection, and a few free hours to play around with re-wiring and plant placement.

Here’s the FINALLY finished workspace… take 4!

Here’s one more, from Instagram (follow me @cbemusic!)

I’d love to see your inspirations and home studio designs! Link to photos in the comments below!